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Crocheting was at one time associated with activity for older ladies.
The hobbies of our grandmothers have grown in importance, and young girls use hooks and yarns and then boast about their creations on social media.

~Handmade items have something magical about them.~

Artistic craftsmanship is more than a hobby, entertainment or way to creatively fill free time. Crocheting can help take your mind off anxious or stressful thoughts, and you can even make some wonderful creations for your little ones.

C2C is the perfect project for you if you're looking for something easy and fun to do! With this tremendous instructional guide, you will be able to create beautiful blankets without any stress. This is the perfect technique for beginners, as it is very simple to follow, and there are several colours to choose from. This guide, with clear pictures and detailed illustrations, will have you creating stunning projects in no time!

What's inside?
The book contains patterns for crocheters titled "Teddy on the Moon", "Unicorn", and "Heart" with instructions to make the finished product.
The project includes written instructions row by row for working on the full piece, as well as graphs.

Who is this book for?

  • it is perfect for both beginners and advanced crocheters
  • for both men and women
  • both for the elderly and for children
  • there are no limits, no rules
  • for some, it may be the beginning of a new adventure; learning new skills; discovering new fascinating possibilities
  • for others, more advanced ones, an opportunity to make a beautiful, cuddly blanket and give it to a special person


What are you waiting for?
Start making fabulous blankets today by getting your hands on this instructional guide!

3 C2C Crochet Blanket Patterns - PDF Digital Download

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