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Your FREE 'Unicorn' C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern ๐Ÿฆ„โœจ

Updated: Jan 24

pixel unicorn

Hey Crochet Enthusiasts!

Are you ready to embark on a whimsical journey of crafting magic? I've got something special for you - a FREE 'Unicorn' C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern, available for a PDF digital download! ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿงถ

Grab your yarn and a 4mm hook, as we dive into the enchanting world of double yarn crochet. For every 100g ball of yarn, get ready to unleash 650-700 stitches of pure creativity. This c2c crochet blanket pattern, starting from the bottom left-hand corner, will weave its way to the top right, creating a mesmerizing 58x52 square masterpiece.

Now, here's the fun part - the 'Unicorn' blanket will come to life at a real size of approximately 81.2cm x 72.8 cm (or around 32" x 28") with that 4mm hook magic. Each square measures about 1.4cm x 1.4cm (or 0.52" x 0.52"). But, hold on, the size also depends on how tight your crochet game is! In this delightful c2c crochet blanket pattern, you have the freedom to choose your crafting path - follow the pixelated chart with a unicorn guide for each square, or opt for the line-by-line instructions, because, hey, we all have our preferred crochet styles!

To make your journey even smoother, I've included a handy table with all 14 dazzling colours used in the pattern. Plus, find out exactly how much yarn you'll need to bring your 'Unicorn' to lifeโ€”16 glorious shades of yarny goodness!

Ready for a dash of fun and a sprinkle of crochet magic? Dive into your unicorn dreams with our free 'Unicorn' C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern! ๐Ÿฆ„โœจ And here's the best part - you can access the pattern right here in this post, or if you prefer, simply click hereย to visit our store and download it for free.

'Unicorn' C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern

colours table

pixel pattern

โ†˜ ROW 1: 1G

โ†– ROW 2: 2G

โ†˜ ROW 3: 1BB, 2G

โ†– ROW 4: 2G, 2BB

โ†˜ ROW 5: 2BB, 3G

โ†– ROW 6: 3G, 3BB

โ†˜ ROW 7: 3BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 8: 4G, 4BB

โ†˜ ROW 9: 5BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 10: 4G, 6BB

โ†˜ ROW 11: 7BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 12: 4G, 8BB

โ†˜ ROW 13: 7BB, 6G

โ†– ROW 14: 4G, 10BB

โ†˜ ROW 15: 9BB, 1G, 1BB, 2V, 2G

โ†– ROW 16: 3G, 1Y, 12BB

โ†˜ ROW 17: 8BB, 1V, 3BB, 2V, 3G

โ†– ROW 18: 4G, 4BB, 1V, 9BB

โ†˜ ROW 19: 10BB, 1V, 1BB, 1B, 2BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 20: 4G, 2BB, 1B, 1BB, 1R, 1V, 10BB

โ†˜ ROW 21: 11BB, 1V, 1R, 1BB, 1B, 2BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 22: 4G, 1BB, 1O, 2B, 1BB, 1R, 1V, 11BB

โ†˜ ROW 23: 11BB, 2V, 1R, 1BB, 1B, 1BB, 1O, 1BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 24: 4G, 1BB, 1O, 1BB, 2B, 1BB, 1R, 2V, 11BB

โ†˜ ROW 25: 11BB, 2V, 2R, 2B, 1Y, 1O, 1BB, 2F, 3G

โ†– ROW 26: 3G, 3F, 1O, 2BB, 2B, 2R, 1V, 12BB

โ†˜ ROW 27: 5BB, 1N, 6BB, 1V, 2R, 2B, 1BB, 1Y, 1O, 4F, 3G

โ†– ROW 28: 3G, 4F, 1P, 1O, 1Y, 1BB, 2B, 2R, 1V, 5BB, 1N, 6BB

โ†˜ ROW 29: 4BB, 3N, 5BB, 1V, 2R, 2B, 1BB, 1Y, 1O, 1P, 1W, 3F, 4G

โ†– ROW 30: 4G, 3F, 2W, 6O, 1R, 2V, 3BB, 4N, 5BB

โ†˜ ROW 31: 6BB, 4N, 2BB, 2V, 1R, 6O, 1P, 2W, 2F, 1BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 32: 4G, 2BB, 1F, 3W, 1P, 1BB, 5O, 1R, 2V, 3BB, 3N, 6BB

โ†˜ ROW 33: 7BB, 3N, 2BB, 2V, 1R, 4O, 2BB, 1P, 3W, 1P 3BB, 1G, 2O, 1G

โ†– ROW 34: 2G, 1Y, 1G, 2BB, 2F, 1P, 3W, 1P, 2BB, 1Y, 3O, 1R, 1V, 3BB, 3N, 7BB

โ†˜ ROW 35: 10BB, 1N, 2BB, 1V, 2R, 2O, 1Y, 2BB, 1P, 4W, 3F, 2BB, 2O, 2G

โ†– ROW 36: 4G, 2BB, 3F, 1P, 4W, 3BB, 1Y, 2O, 1R, 1V, 14BB

โ†˜ ROW 37: 14BB, 1V, 1R, 2O, 1Y, 1BB, 3P, 3W, 1P, 4F, 2BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 38: 4G, 3BB, 3F, 1W, 1P, 5W, 2P, 1Y, 1O, 1R, 1V 15BB

โ†˜ ROW 39: 15BB, 2V, 1R, 1O, 1P, 6W, 1P, 2W, 3F, 3BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 40: 4G, 4BB, 2F, 3W, 1P, 6W, 1P, 1R, 2V, 16BB

โ†˜ ROW 41: 17BB, 2V, 1P, 11W, 1F, 5BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 42: 6G, 4BB, 2P, 1W, 2P, 7W, 1P, 1V, 18BB

โ†˜ ROW 43: 13BB, 3Y, 3BB, 1V, 7W, 1P, 1W, 2P, 8BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 44: 4G, 1BB, 1G, 8BB, 9W, 1P, 4BB, 2Y, 6BB, 3V, 5BB

โ†˜ ROW 45: 6BB, 2V, 6BB, 3Y, 4BB, 9W, 1P, 10BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 46: 4G, 10BB, 1P, 6W, 1V, 2W, 1P, 4BB, 1Y, 7BB, 3V, 6BB

โ†˜ ROW 47: 8BB, 1V, 7BB, 2Y, 4BB, 4W, 1B, 5W, 1P, 9BB, 2R, 3G

โ†– ROW 48: 4G, 1Y, 4BB, 2F, 4BB, 7W, 1V, 2W, 1P, 12BB, 2V, 8BB

โ†˜ ROW 49: 23BB, 2W, 1V, 1W, 1B, 4W, 2P, 3BB, 3F, 3BB, 2R, 4G

โ†– ROW 50: 4G, 5BB, 4F, 1BB, 2P, 6W, 1B, 2V, 1W, 1P, 23BB

โ†˜ ROW 51: 24BB, 1P, 2V, 1G, 1B, 7W, 2P, 4F, 5BB, 4G

โ†– ROW 52: 4G, 6BB, 3F, 6W, 2N, 1G, 1W, 1B, 1G, 2V, 20BB, 1R, 4BB

โ†˜ ROW 53: 5BB, 1R, 19BB, 2V, 1G, 1B, 2G, 1N, 2G, 6W, 3F, 8BB, 1G

Decrease on the down-right side

โ†– ROW 54: 9BB, 2F, 6W, 3G, 2N, 1G, 3B, 1V, 8BB, 1BP, 10BB, 3R, 3BB

โ†˜ ROW 55: 4BB, 4R, 9BB, 1BP, 8BB, 4B, 2N, 10W, 1F, 9BB

โ†– ROW 56: 9BB, 1P, 10W, 2N, 4B, 8BB, 3BP, 6BB, 4R, 5BB

โ†˜ ROW 57: 5BB, 3R, 8BB, 4BP, 6BB, 1B, 5N, 5W, 6P, 9BB

โ†– ROW 58: 10BB, 1P, 2BB, 1W, 1P, 5W, 5N, 1B, 5BB, 4BP, 8BB, 3R, 6BB

Decrease on the up-left side

โ†˜ ROW 59: 5BB, 3R, 8BB, 3BP, 6BB, 3N, 3Y, 4W, 2P, 1W, 3P, 2F, 8BB

โ†– ROW 60: 7BB, 2F, 3W, 1P, 5W, 1O, 1W, 4Y, 1N, 6BB, 3BP, 8BB, 1R, 7BB

โ†˜ ROW 61: 15BB, 3BP, 6BB, 1N, 4Y, 2O, 5W, 1P, 3W, 2F, 7BB

โ†– ROW 62: 6BB, 3F, 3W, 1P, 6W, 4O, 1Y, 5BB, 1BP, 17BB

โ†˜ ROW 63: 21BB, 4O, 4P, 5W, 1P, 3W, 3F, 6BB

โ†– ROW 64: 5BB, 3F, 3W, 2P, 3W, 2P, 3BP, 1P, 4O, 20BB

โ†˜ ROW 65: 19BB, 4O, 1P, 5BP, 1P, 1W, 2P, 1BB, 2P, 2W, 2F, 5BB

โ†– ROW 66: 5BB, 2F, 2P, 4BB, 2P, 6BP, 1W, 4O, 18BB

โ†˜ ROW 67: 17BB, 3O, 2W, 1P, 2BP, 1F, 3BP, 14BB

โ†– ROW 68: 13BB, 1P, 2BP, 2F, 2BP, 3W, 3O, 16BB

โ†˜ ROW 69: 5BB, 3B, 8BB, 2O, 3W, 1P, 2BP, 1F, 3BP, 1P, 12BB

โ†– ROW 70: 12BB, 1BP, 2F, 4BP, 1W, 1BL, 2W, 1R, 1O, 8BB, 2B, 5BB

โ†˜ ROW 71: 4BB, 3B, 4BB, 2P, 3R, 2W, 2BL, 1P, 5BP, 1F, 1P, 11BB

โ†– ROW 72: 10BB, 1P, 6BP, 1P, 5W, 3R, 1GR, 2P, 3BB, 1B, 5BB

โ†˜ ROW 73: 4BB, 2B, 2BB, 1P, 1W, 1GR, 3R, 6W, 5BP, 1F, 1BP, 10BB

โ†– ROW 74: 9BB, 1P, 6BP, 1P, 3W, 5R, 1GR, 2W, 1P, 7BB

โ†˜ ROW 75: 7BB, 1P, 2W, 6R, 3W, 1P, 6BP, 9BB

โ†– ROW 76: 8BB, 1P, 2BP, 1F, 3BP, 6W, 3R, 2W, 1P, 7BB

โ†˜ ROW 77: 7BB, 2P, 1BP, 1R, 7W, 1P, 2BP, 2F, 1BP, 1P, 8BB

โ†– ROW 78: 8BB, 2BP, 1F, 2BP, 1P, 8W, 1P, 9BB

โ†˜ ROW 79: 8BB, 2BP, 6W, 1BL, 1W, 5BP, 1P, 7BB

โ†– ROW 80: 7BB, 1P, 4BP, 1P, 2BL, 3W, 2Y, 1W, 1BP, 1V, 7BB

โ†˜ ROW 81: 7BB, 1V, 1BP, 1Y, 1O, 6W, 1P, 3BP, 1P, 7BB

โ†– ROW 82: 7BB, 1P, 2BP, 1P, 6W, 1Y, 1O, 1Y, 2V, 6BB

โ†˜ ROW 83: 6BB, 1V, 1BB, 2Y, 6W, 4P, 7BB

โ†– ROW 84: 10BB, 3P, 3W, 1BP, 2Y, 7BB

โ†˜ ROW 85: 6BB, 1Y, 1O, 5BP, 12BB

โ†– ROW 86: 11BB, 5BP, 1Y, 1O, 1Y, 5BB

โ†˜ ROW 87: 5BB, 2Y, 5V, 11BB

โ†– ROW 88: 10BB, 6V, 2Y, 4BB

โ†˜ ROW 89: 3BB, 1Y, 1O, 2BB, 2GR, 1P, 11BB

โ†– ROW 90: 11BB, 1W, 1GR, 1P, 1BB, 1Y, 1O, 3BB

โ†˜ ROW 91: 2BB, 2Y, 2BB, 1P, 1W, 1P, 10BB

โ†– ROW 92: 10BB, 1P, 1W, 1P, 5BB

โ†˜ ROW 93: 5BB, 1W, 1P, 10BB

โ†– ROW 94: 10BB, 2P, 4BB

โ†˜ ROW 95: 10BB, 2P, 4BB

โ†– ROW 96: 14BB

โ†˜ ROW 97: 13BB

โ†– ROW 98: 12BB

โ†˜ ROW 99: 11BB

โ†– ROW 100: 10BB

โ†˜ ROW 101: 9BB

โ†– ROW 102: 8BB

โ†˜ ROW 103: 7BB

โ†– ROW 104: 6BB

โ†˜ ROW 105: 5BB

โ†– ROW 106: 4BB

โ†˜ ROW 107: 3BB

โ†– ROW 108: 2BB

โ†˜ ROW 109: 1BB

Stay hooked, keep creating, and let the magic of crochet brighten your world. Dive into the enchanting world of our 'Unicorn' C2C crochet blanket pattern twice โ€“ once for the stitches, and once for the joy it brings! Stay hooked and keep creating! Whether you're a seasoned crocheter or just starting, our 'Unicorn' C2C crochet blanket pattern is your canvas for imaginative stitches. Share the joy of handmade treasures and the artistry of your craft. Take breaks, sip tea, and let every loop tell a story โ€“ because in every stitch, there's a bit of your heart.

As your 'Unicorn' blanket grows, so does the warmth and joy it carries. May it wrap you in cosy creativity and endless inspiration. Happy crocheting, and may your days be as vibrant as the colours you've chosen! Dive into the enchanting world of our 'Unicorn' C2C crochet blanket pattern twice โ€“ once for the stitches, and once for the joy it brings!


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