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Unravelling Crochet & Knit Slang: A Guide

Updated: Apr 4

yarn and hooks

Crochet and knitting communities are known for their vibrant and creative language. From abbreviations and acronyms to clever slang terms, these communities have developed a unique lexicon that adds a touch of humour and camaraderie to the craft. Whether you're a seasoned yarn enthusiast or a curious beginner, this comprehensive guide will introduce you to the amusing and insightful world of crochet and knit slang terms, acronyms, and jargon commonly used on blogs and social media groups.

AMI: Amigurumi, a small crocheted/knitted toy

BO:"bind off", it's a knitting term used to describe the final step in finishing a knitted piece

BISTITCHUAL: this is someone who both crochet/knits

BLOCKING: the process of shaping and setting the finished project

CAKE: yarn wound into a round shape

CAL: “crochet-along”, where a group of people works on the same project together

CHICKEN CHAMPION: successfully completing a project with just enough yarn to spare

CIP: “Crochet in public”, something everyone should have the confidence to do, National Crochet In Public Day

CLOWN BARF: when bright variegated yarn pools in an unattractive pattern

CNC: “critter and crochet” photo, this is a photo of your pet with your crochet work, usually your cat or dog that is preventing you from getting to your crochet because they are all over it

CPIW: “crochet project in waiting”, one that hasn't been started yet

CRAFT THERAPY: the use of crochet or knitting as a therapeutic outlet for stress relief, relaxation, and mindfulness

CROCHETER: someone who practices the craft of crocheting

CROCHET DD = CROCHET ADD: the inability to focus on your current WIP's, PHD's, and UFO's because there's just so much pretty pattern inspiration out there!

CROCHET-RELATED: often used in crochet social groups when posting something that is not related to crochet

CROJO: “crochet mojo”, the drive and/or desire to crochet

C2C: "corner-to-corner", it's a technique used to create square or rectangular pieces by working diagonally from one corner to the opposite corner

DE - STASHING: (also known as Un - stashing) when you give away or sell some of your yarn stashes, usually to make room for more yarn you really want

DS: “de-stash”, when your yarn stash becomes too much for one person to handle (see SABLE), it might be time to sell, trade, or donate some of your unused yarn

FIBERISTA: a term used to describe someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about various types of yarn fibres

FO: “finished object”

FO PARADE: a celebration or showcase of finished objects, where crafters proudly display their completed projects

FOTH/FOTN: “fresh off the hook/needles”, similar to HOTH, indicating a newly finished project

FROG: finished, ripped out, and going to start over

FROG EYES: stitch markers used to mark specific stitches

FROG IT AND MOVE ON: accepting a mistake in your work and continuing without undoing it

FROG PATROL: a group or community of crafters who help each other identify and fix mistakes in their projects

FROGGED IT AND FROGGED IT: ripped out and reworked a project

FROGGED IT TO FREEDOM: ripping out a project that wasn't working and feeling relieved

FROGGING: rip-it, rip-it

FROGGING FRENZY: a period of time when a crafter unravels multiple projects due to dissatisfaction or changes in preferences

FROGGING PARTY: when a group of people gets together to unravel their projects

FROG POND: the pile of unravelled yarn

FS: for sale

FUZZBUZZ: colour change in a Scheepjes Whirl(a gradient yarn with a beautiful twined thread) the join between two stands is a little fuzzy just crochet or knit over it like it's not even there

GAUGE SWATCH: a small sample of knitting or crocheting done to determine the correct gauge or tension for a project

GAUGEZILLA: a term used to describe a project that requires numerous gauge adjustments due to inconsistencies in tension

GRANNY SQUARES: small crocheted squares often used in blankets

HAS: “hook acquisition syndrome”

HIBERNATING PROJECT: a project that has been set aside temporarily and is not currently being worked on

HOOKALICIOUS: a term used to describe a crochet hook that is particularly enjoyable to work with

HOOK CANDY: beautiful or enticing crochet hooks that are visually appealing to crafters

HOOK ENVY: feeling envious or coveting someone else's collection of crochet hooks

HOOKER: a term used humorously by crocheters to refer to themselves

HOOKER’S CHOICE: the freedom to use any crochet hook size or knitting needle size that best suits a project, regardless of what is recommended in the pattern

HOOKER’S THUMB: soreness or calluses on the thumb caused by excessive crocheting

HOOKY LOVE: a deep affection and passion for crocheting or the act of working with crochet hooks

HOOK NINJA: a crocheter who can quickly and skillfully manoeuvre their crochet hook, executing stitches with precision and speed

HOOK SNOB: someone who prefers to use high-quality or specialized crochet hooks

HOOK THERAPY: using crochet as a form of relaxation and stress relief.

HOTH/HOTN: “hot off the hook/hot off the needles2, referring to a recently completed project

HSPY: haven't started the project yet

ISO: "in search of" when you are looking for the perfect yarn or pattern

JAYG/JAYGO: “Join as you go”

JOTH: “Just off the hook”

KAL: “knit-along”, where a group of people works on the same project together

KIP (knitting in public): engaging in knitting or crocheting while outside the home, such as in parks, cafes, or on public transportation

KNITTER: the person who engages in the craft of knitting

KNITFLIX: the act of watching Netflix or other streaming services while knitting

KNITWORTHY: describing a person who appreciates and values hand-knit gifts

KNITWORTHY SCALE: a mental or personal rating system used to determine if someone is deserving of a hand-knit or crocheted gift

LYS: local yarn shop

MAGIC RING: a technique used to start crocheting in the round

MAM: “mile-a-minute” technique

MGBTC: “Must go back to crocheting”

MIL/FIL/BIL/SIL: “mother-in-law”, “father-in-law”, “brother-in-law”, and “sister-in-law”, are the lucky recipients of your crochet pieces, and may also be talked into modelling or providing good reviews of your work to others

MUGGLE: a non-crocheter or non-knitter who is missing out on the magic of crafting

NESTY: not even started yet

NCR: "not crochet related", often used in crochet social groups when posting something that is not related to crochet

OCD: obsessive crocheting disorder

OTN: “On the needle”, the latest knitting project you are working on- what is physical on your knitting needles?

PABLE: pattern accumulated beyond life expectancy

PAT: crochet/knit pattern

PATTERN HACKING: modifying or customizing a crochet or knitting pattern to suit personal preferences or creative ideas

PATTERN PET PEEVE: an aspect of a crochet or knitting pattern that consistently annoys or frustrates you

PATTERNITIS: the overwhelming desire to start multiple new projects after discovering exciting patterns

PATTERN WHISPERER: someone with a natural talent for deciphering and understanding complex crochet or knitting patterns

PHD: “Project half done”

PIBS: a “project in bags”

PIG/PIGS: a “project in grocery bags”

PING: a “project is not growing”, that part of a project where no matter how much time you spend on it, it does not appear to get any bigger/longer

POTH: “Project on the hook”, refers to the current project you are working on

PREFORM/FREESTYLE/FREEHAND: crocheting without a pattern and just making it up as you go

PROJECT BAG ADDICTION: the tendency to collect and accumulate various bags or containers specifically designed for carrying crochet or knitting projects

PROJECT MONOGAMY: The act of working on only one project at a time until its completion before starting a new one

PTP: “permission to post”, especially applicable to social groups that have strict rules about what may and may not be posted

PYC: “professional yarn collector”

RIPPING: undoing or unravelling stitches in a project

SABLE: “Stash acquired beyond life expectancy”

SCRAP YARN: small leftover pieces of yarn used for various purposes, such as making pom-poms or stitch markers

SNAGGLETOOTH: a crochet hook or knitting needle with a snag or imperfection that can catch on the yarn

SSK: “slip, slip, knit”, a decrease stitch used in knitting

STABLE: “stash accumulation beyond life expectancy”

STASH: a collection of yarn

STASH AMNESTY: a period of time when a crafter resolves to use up their existing yarn stash before making new purchases

STASH APPRECIATION: spending time organizing and admiring your yarn stash

STASH APPRECIATION DAY: a designated day to spend time organizing, admiring, and appreciating your yarn stash

STASHBUSTER: a project that uses up leftover/or a lot of random, the aim of a stash-buster project is to reduce your yarn stash so that you can motivate buying more yarn

STASH-BUSTING: use up yarn from your stash instead of buying new yarn

: sharing with fellow crafters the true extent of your yarn stash, is often accompanied by a mix of pride and embarrassment

STASH DIVE: digging into your stash to find yarn for a new project, discovering hidden gems along the way

STASH ENHANCEMENT: buying new yarn to add to your stash

STASH ENVY: feeling envious or impressed by someone else's extensive and impressive yarn collection

STASH GUARDIAN: a cherished pet who loves to curl up among your yarn stash and keep it safe

STASH SPELUNKING: delving deep into your yarn stash to discover hidden treasures or forgotten skeins

STITCH AND SIP: combining crocheting or knitting with the enjoyment of a beverage, such as coffee, tea, or wine

STITCH DICTIONARY: a reference book or a resource that provides a wide variety of stitch patterns and designs for inspiration

STITCH MARKER: a small ring or clip used to mark a specific stitch or section in your project

STITCH MARKER DANCE: the act of moving stitch markers along your work to keep track of specific stitch counts or pattern repeats

STITCH ‘N’ BITCH: a casual social gathering where people crochet or knit while chatting and enjoying each other's company

STITCH-NINJA: a skilled and proficient crocheter or knitter who can complete complex stitches with ease

STITCH- SANITY: the therapeutic and calming effects experienced while engaging in crochet or knitting

STITCH SLAYER: a skilled crocheter or knitter who can quickly and flawlessly complete intricate or complex stitch patterns

STITCHY SENSE: the intuition or instinct developed by experienced crocheters or knitters, allowing them to detect and correct mistakes without closely following a pattern

SWEATER CURSE: a superstition that claims if you knit or crochet a sweater for a romantic partner before marriage, the relationship will end Yarn

SWEATER WEATHER: the perfect season for wearing cosy hand-knit or crocheted sweaters

TAI: “Think about it”

TALC: “Take along crochet”

TIA: "Thanks in advance" when you as a question about yarn or a pattern and want to say thank you in advance

TIH: “There is hope”

TINK = knit spelt backwards

TINKING: undoing knitting stitches one by one

TINK TO THE RESCUE: undoing a mistake by unravelling a few stitches at a time (think = knit spelt backwards)

TOAD: rashed object abandoned in disgust, never going back to it again

UFO: “unfinished object frogging”: ripping out stitches or unravelling your work

UFO GRAVEYARD: a designated space or storage area for unfinished projects that have been set aside

UFOPHOBIA: the fear or anxiety associated with tackling unfinished projects or works-in-progress.

UFO RESURRECTION: bringing back to life and completing a long-abandoned unfinished project

UO: “unidentified object”; an unfinished object you find and can't work out what it was (goes with PIGS you hid a project in a grocery bag as it wasn't going well)

USO: “Unstarted object”

WIM: “Work in mind”, your crochet to-do list

WIP: “work in progress”

WIP ADOPTION: taking over and finishing someone else's abandoned work-in-progress, giving it new life

WIP DANCE: the excited or impatient shuffle performed when nearing the completion of a project

WIP MARATHON: a dedicated period of time spent working on multiple works-in-progress to make significant progress

WIPOCALYPSE: when you have an overwhelming number of works in progress

WIP OVERLOAD: the feeling of being overwhelmed by having too many works in progress simultaneously

WIP WRESTLING: struggling with a particularly challenging or complicated work-in-progress

WITHWIT: “What the heck was I thinking”?

WIVSP: “Work in very slow progress”, can lead to a UFO

WOMYAT: “Waste of money yarn and time”

YAP: “Yet another project”

YARNAHAULIC: a playful term for someone who compulsively buys yarn, always adding to their stash

YARNAHOLIC: someone who is addicted to buying and collecting yarn

YARNAHOLIC ANONYMOUS: a humorous term used to describe a support group for individuals with an excessive yarn-buying habit

YARN ARCHAEOLOGY: unravelling a thrift or vintage item to repurpose the yarn for a new project

YARN BARF: when a ball or skein of yarn becomes tangled

YARN BARF SURGERY: the heroic act of untangling yarn tangles

YARN BARF SURVIVOR: successfully untangling a mess of tangled yarn

YARN BOMB: a decorative yarn piece that is crocheted or knit and placed in public

YARNBOMBING: the act of covering public structures or objects with colourful yarn as a form of street art

YARN-BUDDY: a close friend or companion who shares a love for yarn and crafting

YARN CAKE: when you rewind a skein of yarn using a yarn winder

YARN CHICKEN: when you're unsure if you have enough yarn to finish a project

YARN CHICKEN LOSER: someone who runs out of yarn before completing their project

YARN COMA: the state of bliss and contentment experienced when surrounded by yarn and crafting supplies

YARN CRAWL: visiting multiple yarn stores in one day

YARN CRUSH: falling in love with a particular yarn, often resulting in the immediate purchase and addition to one's stash

YARNFLUENCE: the power or influence that yarn has over a crocheter or knitter, often leading to impulse purchases

YARN HAUL: a collection of recently purchased yarn, often showcased or shared with excitement

YARN HIBERNATION: temporarily setting aside a project to be resumed at a later time or season

YARN HOARDER: someone who accumulates a large quantity of yarn without necessarily using it all

YARNIE: a term used to describe someone who is obsessed with yarn and all things related to crochet or knitting

YARNICORN: a mythical creature symbolizing the perfect combination of yarn colours, fibres, and patterns

YARNIE TALK: conversations or discussions centred around crochet or knitting topics

YARNIVANGELIST: someone who passionately spreads their love for yarn and encourages others to take up crocheting or knitting

YARNIVERSE: a playful term referring to the world of yarn and all its possibilities

YARNIVERSE EXPLORATION: the act of exploring and experimenting with different yarn weights, fibres, and textures

YARNIVORE: a humorous term for someone who consumes yarn at a rapid pace due to their love for crocheting or knitting

YARN KISMET: when the perfect yarn coincidentally crosses your path for a specific project

YARN NINJA: a crafty individual who can skillfully unravel or frog a project without causing any damage to the yarn

YARNOLOGY: the study or knowledge of different yarn types, properties, and their best applications in crochet or knitting

YARNONOMICS: the practice of finding the best deals, discounts, and sales when purchasing yarn

YARNOVER: a technique used in knitting to create an extra stitch and create decorative patterns

YARN OVERDOSE: an excessive intake of yarn-related content, such as patterns, tutorials, and yarn haul videos

YARNOVERITIS: the condition of frequently and uncontrollably acquiring new yarn, resulting in an ever-growing stash

YARN PETTING: the delightful sensation of running your fingers through soft and luxurious yarn, relishing in its texture and beauty

YARN QUEST: the exhilarating search for a specific yarn colour or type, often involving multiple stores or online platforms

YARN RECONNAISSANCE: actively seeking out new yarn shops or online sources to explore and acquire yarn from different brands and fibres

YARNSCAPE: a visually pleasing arrangement or display of colourful yarn

YARNSCAPE ARTIST: a crocheter or knitter who creates visually stunning and artistic projects using different colours and textures of yarn

YARN SNOB: someone who only uses high-quality or luxury yarn

YARN SNOBBERY: the belief or preference for using only certain types of yarn or yarn brands

YARN SOLIDARITY: the sense of camaraderie and support within the crochet and knitting community, especially during challenging projects or yarn-related dilemmas

YARN SORCERER/SORCERESS: a highly skilled crocheter or knitter who can effortlessly create intricate designs and patterns

YARN-SPIRATION: inspiration derived from seeing or touching different types of yarn, sparking creative ideas for future projects

YARN SUBSTITUTION: use a different yarn than the one specified in a pattern

YARN STASH - a yarn stash is a collection of yarn that crafters keep for future projects. It's like a personal inventory of creative possibilities

YARN STASH CONFESSION: sharing a humorous or embarrassing yarn-related anecdote with fellow crafters

YARN STASHINTERVENTION: a lighthearted term referring to the act of organizing and curating one's yarn stash

YARN THERAPY: the soothing and therapeutic effects of crocheting or knitting, providing stress relief and relaxation

YARN THERAPY SESSION: a dedicated period of time spent with yarn, crocheting or knitting, to relax, unwind, and find inner peace

YARNUTOPIA: a state of pure joy and contentment experienced when surrounded by yarn and immersed in a crochet or knitting project

YARN VOMIT: see the definition for yarn barf

YARN WHISPERER: a person who has an innate understanding of yarn, its properties, and how to choose the perfect yarn for a project

YARN WHISPERING: the ability to understand and communicate with yarn, recognizing its true potential and envisioning the perfect project

YARN ESCAPISM: using crochet or knitting as a means to escape from everyday stresses and immerse oneself in the craft

YART: “yarn acquisition road trip”, always set yourself a budget before going on one of these.

teddy bear with yarn and hook

The world of crochet and knitting is not only about creating beautiful projects but also about building a community with its own language and humour. Understanding the slang terms, acronyms, and jargon used in these crafts adds a layer of enjoyment and connection when interacting with fellow enthusiasts. This guide has provided an overview of essential terms, popular slang, humorous acronyms, and quirky expressions used in crochet and knitting circles. So, next time you embark on a crochet or knitting adventure, you'll be well-equipped to embrace the delightful language that accompanies these crafts.

Happy stitching!

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