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About me

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

My name is Kasia. I am passionate about handicrafts and good coffee. I love discovering new places and experiencing new things. For me, self-development is the basis for living in harmony with myself.

There are some projects that I have on my mind all the time. I start doing them, they're ready, and then I realize that this is not the effect I was looking for. This project is put off because I know it's only the beginning. I don't get rid of it, I won't resign. It's really tempting to do something with it and it sometimes doesn't let me sleep. That's the point you know, you have to let it go. All abandoned projects need some time. I know this time is essential for a new idea to come to my head so that I make something that I am proud of. Sometimes it's two, five, ten or even a hundred times before I put my ideas to work. This is the creative process, which drives me, worries me and helps me express my creativity. Creation, and searching for your own ideas and answers give you real satisfaction and happiness. I hope that one of those 'projects on my mind' will find its place in your hearts and homes.

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