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How to change colors by crocheting the C2C method

Updated: Apr 16

I warmly welcome you 🥰

The corner-to-corner crochet technique is great in many ways. This method opens up an enchanted world for crocheters. It has endless possibilities for creating unique and very intricate crochet wonders in the form of blankets, pillows and even table runners and sweaters.

Whether you are looking for crocheting methods for beginners or you are an experienced craftsman looking for a new challenge, you can crochet the C2C method. You can easily follow C2C charts. Anyone can do C2C! It is really easy!

Crochet Unicorn blanket

In the latest posts, you have already learned how to make a chain stitch, chain and double crochet, and even how to crochet the C2C method in one colour. Today, let's go a little further and learn how to change colours when C2C crochet.

Let's get to work 🙂

To show you how to change the colours of the C2C crochet, I will use the template and the description if you prefer, your choice.

  • GRAPH - shows us which way to crochet

  • DESCRIPTION - the row is a row

B - Blue

N - Navy

1. We start our work from the left corner. From rows 1 to 8 we only have one colour so it's not difficult, we're going.

2. We go to row 9 and make 1st square.

Everything goes smoothly until we change colour :)

It's not that hard, no worries. As the saying goes: "Devil is not so black as he's painted".

3. We take the yarn with the new colour (in our case it is navy) and put it through the put the crochet hook in the place where we want to make the next square. We place where we previously passed the crochet hook.

4. We make a slip stitch in the new colour.

5. We make 3 chain stitches

6. And 3 double crochet to make a square in a new colour.

7. We made a blue square. Now we are doing 6 navy squares as in the description for this pattern.

↘ ROW 9: 1B, 6N, 2B

8. Then we make two blue squares.

We put the crochet hook in the place where we want to make the next square. We take the yarn with the blue colour and put it through the place where we previously passed the crochet hook then through the navy blue chain stitch.

9. We make a slip stitch in the blue colour, 3 chain stitches and 3 double crochet to make a square.

10. Then we make another 2 blue squares.

Row 9 is behind us. We pass to row 10.

↖ ROW 10: 3B, 6N, 1B

11. In row 10 we make 3 blue squares.

12. Then 6 navy blue squares and again a blue square (see description above)

We just finished row 10.

We make the next rows as described above.

A description of how to increase a piece and then how to decrease it can be found on my blog "Crocheting C2C methods - one colour" - blog

"Crocheting C2C methods - one colour - youtube

How to change colours by crocheting a C2C video on youtube

And this is what our finished work looks like.

How did you like this post? I hope you will be able to do your own C2C crocheting by following my suggestions.

Have fun crocheting!

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