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Free "Heart" C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern

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Welcome, fellow crochet enthusiasts! Today, I'm thrilled to share with you a delightful and heartwarming project – a free Corner-to-Corner (C2C) crochet blanket pattern featuring a charming "Heart" design. Perfect for cosying up during chilly evenings or adding a touch of handmade warmth to your home, this pattern is not only beautiful but also beginner-friendly.

Pattern Details

The "Heart" C2C crochet blanket pattern measures 35 squares in height and 35 squares in width. The pattern includes detailed, line-by-line instructions for incorporating various colours to bring the adorable heart design to life. To guide you seamlessly through the creative process, a helpful colour chart is provided.

The finished blanket, when crafted with a 4mm hook, will boast real-life dimensions of approximately 49cm x 49cm (about 19" x 19"). Each square in the pattern measures approximately 1.4cm x 1.4cm (0.52" x 0.52"). Keep in mind that the size may vary based on your crochet tension, so feel free to adjust accordingly to achieve your desired dimensions.

Materials Needed

To embark on this heartwarming crochet journey, you'll require a modest set of materials. Prepare yourself with:

Yarn Colors: A palette of 4 delightful colours to infuse vibrancy into your creation.

Yarn Balls: You'll need 5 balls of yarn to complete this project successfully.

Crafting Tips

Achieving the perfect size and texture for your "Heart" C2C crochet blanket is in your hands. The pattern suggests using a 4mm hook for optimal results. Remember, each square corresponds to 1.4cm x 1.4cm (0.52" x 0.52"), offering a snug and visually appealing finish.

Your crochet tension plays a role in determining the final size, so don't hesitate to experiment with different tensions until you find the sweet spot.

Get Started

Now that you're equipped with the essential details, gather your materials, and let your crochet journey unfold. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice enthusiast, this "Heart" C2C crochet blanket pattern promises to be a delightful project, bringing warmth and handmade charm into your space.

Feel free to download the pattern chart below and dive into the joy of creating your own masterpiece. Happy crocheting!

"Heart" C2C Crochet Blanket Pattern

table of colours

c2c pattern graph

↘ ROW 1: 1W

↖ ROW 2: 2W

↘ ROW 3: 3W

↖ ROW 4: 4W

↘ ROW 5: 5W

↖ ROW 6: 6W

↘ ROW 7: 7W

↖ ROW 8: 8W

↘ ROW 9: 9W

↖ ROW 10: 10W

↘ ROW 11: 11W

↖ ROW 12: 12W

↘ ROW 13: 13W

↖ ROW 14: 14W

↘ ROW 15: 15W

↖ ROW 16: 16W

↘ ROW 17: 17W

↖ ROW 18: 18W

↘ ROW 19: 19W

↖ ROW 20: 20W

↘ ROW 21: 21W

↖ ROW 22: 22W

↘ ROW 23: 23W

↖ ROW 24: 24W

↘ ROW 25: 25W

↖ ROW 26: 8W, 1B, 3N, 1B, 3G, 1B, 2N, 7W

↘ ROW 27: 7W, 2N, 2B, 2G, 2B, 2N, 1B, 9W

↖ ROW 28: 9W, 2B, 1N, 3B, 1G, 3B, 1N, 1B, 7W

↘ ROW 29: 7W, 12B, 10W

↖ ROW 30: 10W, 2B, 1G, 3B, 1N, 3B, 1G, 2B, 7W

↘ ROW 31: 7W, 2B, 2G, 2B, 2N, 2B, 2G, 1B, 11W

↖ ROW 32: 11W, 1B, 3G, 1B, 3N, 1B, 3G, 1B, 8W

↘ ROW 33: 8W, 1N, 4G, 4N, 4G, 12W

↖ ROW 34: 12W, 1B, 3G, 1B, 3N, 1B, 3G, 1B, 9W

↘ ROW 35: 9W, 2B, 2G, 2B, 2N, 2B, 2G, 1B, 13W

↖ ROW 36: 12W, 2B, 1G, 3B, 1N, 3B, 1G, 2B, 9W

↘ ROW 37: 8W, 13B, 12W

↖ ROW 38: 11W, 2B, 1N, 3B, 1G, 3B, 1N, 2B, 8W

↘ ROW 39: 8W, 1B, 2N, 2B, 2G, 2B, 2N, 1B, 11W

↖ ROW 40: 10W, 1B, 3N, 1B, 3G, 1B, 3N, 8W

↘ ROW 41: 8W, 3N, 4G, 4N, 10W

↖ ROW 42: 9W, 1B, 3N, 1B, 3G, 11W

↘ ROW 43: 10W, 1B, 2G, 2B, 2N, 1B, 9W

↖ ROW 44: 8W, 2B, 1N, 3B, 1G, 1B, 10W

↘ ROW 45: 7W, 2B, 1G, 3B, 1N, 1B, 9W

↖ ROW 46: 7SB, 1BR, 12LB, 1N, 1B, 1N, 1B, 1N, 21SB

Decrease on the down-right side

Decrease on the up-left side

↘ ROW 47: 7W, 2B, 1G, 3B, 1N, 1B, 9W

↖ ROW 48: 7W, 3G, 1B, 3N, 8W

↘ ROW 49: 8W, 3N, 3G, 7W

↖ ROW 50: 7W, 2G, 1B, 2N, 8W

↘ ROW 51: 8W, 1N, 2B, 1G, 7W

↖ ROW 52: 18W

↘ ROW 53: 17W

↖ ROW 54: 16W

↘ ROW 55: 15W

↖ ROW 56: 14W

↘ ROW 57: 13W

↖ ROW 58: 12W

↘ ROW 59: 11W

↖ ROW 60: 10W

↘ ROW 61: 9W

↖ ROW 62: 8W

↘ ROW 63: 7W

↖ ROW 64: 6W

↘ ROW 65: 5W

↖ ROW 66: 4W

↘ ROW 67: 3W

↖ ROW 68: 2W

↘ ROW 69: 1W

As you weave the final rows of your "Heart" C2C crochet blanket, remember that each stitch carries a piece of your creativity and passion. This charming pattern has not just resulted in a cosy masterpiece; it has become a canvas for your self-expression and a vessel for the warmth you put into every loop.

Completing this project is more than just reaching the final stitch; it's about the journey you've undertaken, the skills you've honed, and the joy you've derived from creating something beautiful with your own hands.

As your finished "Heart" C2C blanket lays gracefully across your lap or drapes elegantly over your furniture, may it serve as a tangible reminder of the love and dedication you poured into its creation. Handmade blankets have a unique ability to capture not just warmth but also the essence of the crafter, making them timeless treasures and cherished heirlooms.

Whether you're gifting this cosy creation to a loved one or keeping it for yourself, know that you've not just crafted a blanket – you've crafted memories. Share your finished masterpiece with pride, and let the world see the heart you've woven into every square.

Thank you for joining me on this creative journey. May your future crochet endeavours be just as fulfilling and may the warmth of handmade creations continue to fill your heart and home.

Happy crocheting, and until our next creative adventure! 🧶💖

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