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Easter table runner - How crochet by filet crochet stitch method?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

The tables are mainly used for eating. However, the table remains in the same place between breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It is worth taking care of its appearance so that it looks beautiful then and becomes a decoration of our dining room and not just a table. The easiest way is to put a small decorative tablecloth on it, but the dining table is usually longer, so a hand-made table runner would be perfect here. Crochet runners are delicate and do not cover the entire surface. Thanks to this, you can see our entire table is slightly decorated with a table runner.

How crochet by filet crochet stitch method?

The table runner shown in the photo uses the fillet crochet stitch method. The mesh technique consists of combining empty and filled windows to obtain a specific image or pattern a result.

In my opinion, it is the simplest of all techniques, but it requires concentration.

A small mistake irretrievably destroys the image we want to get. It is also worth explaining what these empty and filled windows are. In this technique, we only make chain stitches and double crochet (US),(UK - treble).

The empty window consists of stitches: 1 double crochet, 2 chain stitches, and 1 indented double crochet with a distance of two stitches from the previous double crochet.

The filled window consists of stitches: 4 posts pierced each by consecutive stitches of the lower row. (these 2 extra double crochets fill the window are)

Empty window

We make a chain with the number of stitches divisible by three + 5 additional stitches (3o of them will form the edge side of the window and 2o of the third side of the window).

Put simply, if your pattern has 5 empty windows at the base, you need 3 chain stitches for each window, so 5x3 = 15. In this case, we need to start with 15 chain stitches + 3 chain stitches on the side and 2 chain stitches on the top side.

Insert the crochet hook into the 8th stitch of the basic chain and make a double crochet, then make 2 stitches and pierce the crochet hook into the third stitch of the initial chain, making another double and again 2 stitches, etc.

This way we obtain empty meshwork windows.

Full window

The full windows are obtained by making 3 crochet hooks one after the other with no seams in between, plus a post that completes each series of full windows.

For example, if we have 2 full windows, we do 6dc + 1dc closing the sequence, if we have 3 full windows, we do 9dc +

1 dc closing sequence. In the photo below, full and empty meshes are connected.

Easter table runner

Once we know how to crochet fillet crochet stitch, we can go a step further and make a beautiful table runner for the Easter table.

Below I present graphs with patterns that I used to make my table runner.

The above graphs can be used separately for example to form Easter napkins. They can also be used for C2C crocheting, for example, to make decorative pillowcases.

I hope you will find this post useful and that you will be happy to make your own Easter table runner.

Happy Easter 🐰


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