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Christmas gift wrapping

Updated: Mar 30

I love Christmas! This is a really special time. At first, long weeks of expectations, considerations and preparations led to great joy. Finally, the time comes that you can spend with your loved ones talking, smiling and having fun.

Decorating houses and backyards, but also shopping centres and streets of cities and towns make our surroundings take on colours and illuminate in an amazing way! Classic and modern Christmas decorations not only create the atmosphere but also please the eyes and perfectly improve the mood. We also enjoy making Christmas decorations ourselves.

And the gifts? The gifts are not the most important, but … Who doesn't like them? We are equally happy to receive them as also and prepare for our loved ones and friends.

Here are some ideas for wrapping Christmas gifts using crochet Christmas decorations.

My first suggestion is the crochet, Gingerbread Man. It is perfect for large gifts. The smile of this cute small man will surely bring a smile to many toddlers' faces.

Click on the link to get a free Gingerbread Man pattern

Another crochet ornament that can be used to decorate a large gift is a car with a Christmas tree.

The free ornament pattern "Car with Christmas tree" can be downloaded from this link.

Now let's move on to smaller gifts. And here, the first suggestion on my part is a snowflake.

This delicate ornament in combination with tiny baubles creates a very charming composition.

You can find a free Snowflake pattern at this link.

Another idea for decorating a gift could be a 2D Christmas tree, decorated with snowflakes cut out of paper.

You can find a free 2D Christmas tree pattern here.

My next suggestion is a sugar cane in a cover. This decorated snack will please not only the sweet gourmand and children but also everyone who would like to add a little sweetness to his life at Christmas Time.

A free pattern for Candy Cane Cover is here.

And this is my last suggestion. Large Christmas Ornament Bow in combination with silver beads creates a majestic classic decoration that will delight any traditionalist.

Click on the link to get a free Christmas Ornament Bow.

I hope that the suggestions I have presented will help you with packing gifts. I will be very happy to receive your opinion. So leave a comment and if you like it, please pass it on so that others can use them.

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