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Christmas Candy Cane Cover

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

In the past, the Christmas tree was also decorated with edible decorations. Dominated candy canes, sweets and Christmas chains made e.g. from popcorn. Currently, we have so many beautiful decorations that we forget about those times, and they had their charm.

In my opinion, traditional candy canes are an irreplaceable decorative element during Christmas. You can easily decorate a Christmas tree, Christmas wreaths, a table and a house with them. Thanks to such original decorations, the holidays will take on a magical and unforgettable character.

How to make the Christmas Candy Cane

To make Candy Cane Cover you need:

- yarn

- crochet hook (preferably in the size indicated on the yarn band)

- a needle with a large eyelet

- scissors

1. We make 6 chain stitches.

2. We make a double crochet (version UK) in each chain stitch, starting with the second one from the hook.

3. We make 4 chain stitches.

4. We insert the crochet hook into the third stitch and create a treble.

5. We make the chain stitch.

6. We make treble and chain stitch.

7. We do the same in the next stitch.

8. In each next 4 stitches we make 2 times treble.

9. We make a chain stitch.

10. We skip one stitch and make a treble in the next.

11. We repeat the sequence "chain stitch and treble" until the end of the piece

12. At the end of the piece, we make a chain stitch.

13. Then we make a double crochet in the first stitch.

14. We make treble crochet in the next stitches (stitch above treble) and chain stitch.

15. We're making 2 another treble crochet (we make a chain stitch between them)

16. We make a double crochet in the next stitch.

17. In the next stitches, we repeat the sequence:

- in the first stitch we make treble, 1 chain stitch, treble, 1 chain stitch, treble

- and double crochet in the next stitch.

After completing the sequence, hiding the wool and inserting the Candy Cane, our cover looks as shown in the picture above.

We can also make Candy Cane Covers in other colours, for example, red or white. You can also combine colours, for example, a frill you can make of a different colour.

🌺 Thank you for your time and I would be thrilled to hear from you on that 💝

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